The Canva story so far…

The best thing about Canva firstly is that it was designed by people who actually are professional designers looking for a better easier way to solve a problem. The Problem was the graphic design softwares at the time were clunky, over complicated and very hard for the everyday person to use. They took years to learn and cost a lot of money.

The story begins in 2007 when Melanie Perkins was studying at the University of Western Australia. While she was a student she was using complicated design software programs like Photo Shop and InDesign. She thought there must be a better way that was based online and could involve a team of people working together to create designs. The first software her and her then boyfriend and cofounder Cliff Obrecht created was called Fusion Books. It was an online software used to create school year books and is still currently the largest school yearbook publisher in Australia.

They had a bigger dream a dream to create something truly ground breaking and something that could revolutionize the graphic design world. They were very diligent in trying to find the right technology partner and with the guidance of Google Maps co-founder Lars Rasmussen they found not one but two. He put them in touch with a Tech co-founder Cameron Adams and a tech developer Dave Hearnden. They joined forces in 2012 and the company Canva began in earnest. They closed their first funding round with $1.5 million which was matched by the Australian government in a effort to keep this fantastic new startup in Australia. The headquarter are to this day still in Sydney Australia with offices all around the world from Beijing to Manila. In October 2019 the company was valued at $3.2 billion after a $85 million funding round. The latest round of funding in June 2020 valued the company at $6 billion almost double in less than 1 year.

Today Canva has over 1500 employee around the world and continually improve the user friendly experience and the catalogue of free designs, text and graphic elements.

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