My new way to try and get healthier.

I have always struggled with my weight. As a child I was chubby and enjoyed a lot of food. My teenage years were a bit better lost the weight with constant sports and just being generally pretty active. Then into my adulthood the activity became less and the eating became worse. I am now the heaviest I have ever been. But I am on a real plan to just reduce my portions and only eat whole foods. More fruits and vegetables, not processed foods, cut the chocolate and junk food. It is pretty basic stuff, I know but I have never counted calories before as a strategy. I have a new app on my phone that is very good for foods made and eaten in Australia. It’s called East Diet Diary, it’s free on the Apps Store and made specifically for Australia. It is super easy to use and sets out an ability to easily add individual foods or create meals and add them in one go. I am looking to keep under 1700 Calories per day and increase my exercise gradually. I have created a few simple and tasty recipes that are under 500 Calories per meal.