Feeling good today!

Hi guys,

Feeling good this morning. Listed my first Amazon Australia product. It was already for sale so I am added my product to their list. Their price is double what mine is. Exact same product. I went to harbour town in Adelaide to source something. Looked up the barcode on an amazon scanner and found a few things. Scanned some Adidas pure boost, and got very excited. They were Aus$84 and selling on Amazon for $245. Looked more into it but you have to be an approve reseller or a brick and mortar store. Very interested. I felt like it was me against the big corporation. Was about to buy 25 pairs but when I went back they were up to speed and told me they couldn’t sell to resellers. Luckily I researched the listings for shoes first. I think there is going to be a lot of prohibited items that you just can’t sell on Amazon!