Starting my FBA Journey

After looking into selling on Amazon in Australia since it first arrived in Feburary 2018, I was kind of stuck. Confused about what I really wanted to do I began to lose focus. I had shiny object syndrome and with everything I looked into there seemed to be an even better, easier opportunity out there. Selling on Amazon seemed to be the one with the most moving parts the hardest one to apply and the one with a lot of unknowns. I was looking into Affiliate Marketing, Shopify, drop shipping, being an Instagram influencer and a You Tuber. It was very confusing. I was lost and had major information overload. One day while searching Amazon FBA I found this guy on YouTube, his name was Derrick Struggle. A very friendly, knowledgable guy who seemed to know a lot about Amazon FBA (fullfilled by Amazon). Then one day I was watching one of his videos and saw an interview with a couple of his students Kale and Taylor. Two young guys from Pittsburg. They were excitable, enthusiastic and knowlegdable. They also seemed very genuine and giving with their knowledge. I followed them for a couple of months to look at thier progress. They began to get a bigger and bigger following on YouTube and they showed some of their students success stories. It became crystal clear to me that they actually knew what they were talking about and had done it allbefore. They had been very sucessfull and now wanted to give others the chance to make a life better and more fullfilling and rich. I have recently bought there Nine University Course and am very excited to be putting it into action very soon. I noticed when I atually decided to make a change in my life for the better other things started to happen. It was kind of like jumping off a cliff. Once you make the decision to follow a plan that others have paved before you, you just go for it. It is a relief, you get rid of all the distraction and just focus on learning as much as you can. I also made the decision to loose weight and get in shape. A thing that I really have been unfocussed on for a long time. I have got rid of all my other youtube subscription and solely focus on KT9.

By wadesimon76

I've been a chef for 23 years and a father of 3. Learning all I can to improve my life and the lives of my family.

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